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The PVA Bag loader mk2 helps you load better pva bags & it is the first pva bag loader that separates the lead from the rig without any spillage or tangles
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The Original Video From 2010 (lol)
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Step #1

Roll your PVA Bag Loader and insert it into the PVA Bag as per the instructions, it will stand up as seen in this picture ready to fill. Make sure you have everything ready, in this case our bag is going to contain Ground Insects, Tiger Nuts, Small Snails, Boilie Crumb (not pictured) and a good splash of the NEW DNA Liquid from DT Baits, in this case the Green Beast (all available from our Carp Shop).

Once you are ready to load your PVA Bag drop the lead into the bag and place it in position, you may want to add a bit of boilie crumb, insect meal, groundbait or pellet to the bottom of the PVA Bag before lowering in the lead. 

Once the lead is in position place the divider over the rig so the lead is on one side and the rig is positioned as shown in step #2. 

Step #2

The lead is in the PVA Bag now and the rig is hanging over the side, you can see the divider in position and how freely the PVA Bag stands up. Notice the lines inside the PVA Bag Loader, the orange line is the limit for the bags we include so make sure to roll with the lines on the inside so it looks like the image opposite. 

The hook is tied to Katran Magus braid and is a size 4 DRK Hook from Deception Angling (available in our shop), whip a 21 turn knotless knot for this rig and keep it short approx 5 - 6 inches long.

The lead should be at the bottom of the bag as described previously and the divider will help keep everything pushed to the bottom of the bag meaning the hookbait will not be able to tangle in the braid when the bag is complete...

You are ready to start loading, and in practice you can be at this point in 15 seconds... 

Step #3

Fill the bag with goodies, and in layers...

Can you see how the PVA Bag remains open and how the divider gives you two separate areas to fill, pretty awesome right?

Here's an idea, load the section with the lead with a denser bait i.e. boilie crumb and compress it around the lead a little, then load the section with the rig with lighter, less compressed material, the results you will see for yourself if you test in the margins or at home in a bowl of water. 

In this picture I have built up the lead section of the bag with our insect meal, this is full of nutrients and has massive attraction, then the other side I have built in layers, including snails, tiger nuts, the bookbait itself, and more....

Move to step #4 to see it come together... 

Step #4

I am using a boilie grabber to lower in the hookbait and, here's the thing, as I add the bait in layers I gradually lower the bait in, this means any braid is buried properly and is no where near the hook. 

No other PVA Bag Loader allows you to do this, just look at the control you have over where to place the rig. 

Once the rig is in place make sure to use fine crumb around the hook, this makes sure nothing sticks to the point and masks it which is a common problem when loading with a mix of bait all in one go...

Use carefully constructed layers and you will see a notable difference in your catch rate, and consistency. You see you will be able to fill every PVA Bag the same and with the same amount of material, this means you can cast the same distance every time and know you are presented everytime... Literally removing all doubt!! 

Step #5

In this step you will see we have removed the divider which will come out without any resistance, if you do find it hard to remove the divider you are compacting the bait down too hard... 

once the divider is out, and you are at the orange line it is time to finish the bag and there is no better way to do this than with some liquid attractant... 

Step #6

I used my NGT Hook Sharpener to make a well in the middle of the bag, I know where the hook is and know there is no danger of catching it. 

Then effortlessly pour in (or use a Carp Global Syringe) the PVA Friendly liquid of your choice. In this case the NEW DNA from DT Baits, in Green Beast Flavour. 

Once you see liquid filling the well up stop pouring and remove the hook sharpener or whatever you used to make the well. It is important that the liquid does not touch the sides of the bag as it will make sealing the bag more difficult. 

Always sprinkle on some more crumb or insect meal after pouring the liquid in too, this makes sure the liquid is contained in the centre of the bag waiting for the fish to rip it apart... 

Step #7

Simply pop the PVA Bag Loader out of the bag, again this should be effortless due to the low friction super thin design. Wipe the loader down after use, and place it back with your PVA Bags, unlike brittle plastic tube versions you have no need to take up loads of storage and if you ever stand on it it will not break... To seal your bag simply cut down the side of the pva, pop the tubing, line or leader out through the slit, twist the top of the bag, lick, dry and stick as shown in the videos and training provided... This whole process takes 49 seconds... Try it!
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